Katy Faye is a French artisan jewelry brand based in Normandy, France. Our emphasis on all the pieces we create is quality and classic, timeless designs you can appreciate for years to come.


The combination of the luxurious elements of gold-filled and pearls is what inspired the creation of Katy Faye, along with the desire to create elegant, unique pieces for the modern woman with a hint of vintage sophistication.


We use 14k gold-filled material in rose and yellow gold paired with natural pearls and semi-precious stones to create special pieces that we hope will be with you as you make beautiful memories, eventually attaching meaning to them over time for yourself or a loved one.


The ideal of Katy Faye Jewelry was developed from a passion for beauty and creating wearable art. The goal is that we will grow into a community of like-minded, supportive women where we can share our passions as well as our desire to better the world. To this end, as we grow, we will partner with a charitable work to be able to give back and share updates with our Katy Faye community as we reach our goals.